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Vision of the School

The vision of our school is to impart a sound education through a wide training which will shape the character and develop personality and draw out the best in every puipl. We provide preventive system of education based on reason, religion and kindness.


Over view of Don Bosco ICSE, Chitradurga

Quality Policy:

We are committed to provide quality education in accordance with the modern trends, achieving the whole some development of each of our students, especially academic excellence, enrichment of moral values and social commitment through curricular, co curricular and extra curricular activities with regular and systematic planning and evaluation method.

Our Facilities

Play Area

Don Bosco ICSE School offers the following amenities for those who enjoy sports and games: basketball courts, volleyball and throw ball courts, table tennis rooms, and Indore gaming rooms. Sports and games are valued just as highly as academic studies at this school.

Audio Visual Room

The well-equipped school audio-visual lab makes use of these resources for education, entertainment, and information. Pupils receive a real-time multimedia experience that is tailored to the subjects they study in theoretical classes. It has several different audio-visual devices installed.


The physics, chemistry, and biology labs at the school are fully furnished with the model charts, tools, materials, and equipment needed by the pupils. Students have benefited from these resources by strengthening their understanding of scientific and experimental ideas and honing their investigative skills.

Computer Lab

The school has a state-of-the-art computer lab with cutting-edge technology and software to meet the needs of the curriculum, instructors, and students. Teachers help students with information retrieval, multimedia creation, and teamwork on assignments.


The school library is well-stocked with books, encyclopedias, and publications. Periodically, the collection is updated. Finding that almost every student uses the library is quite encouraging. Under the supervision of library professionals, people mostly utilize the library during free periods and lunch.


The school has immediate clinical facilities and an infirmary to handle any emergency medical situation that may arise.

Latest News

Annual Day

Annual Day is one of the most awaited events in schools or colleges; from students to teachers, parents await this day eagerly.

Christmas Celebration

Students Celebrated Christmas with different activities & gift exchang

Inter- Don Bosco Meet

In extramurals competition, the students of other schools can also participate in sports related activities.

National Sports Day

National Sports Day catalyzes the development of a robust sports culture in the country.

Science Exibition

The main purpose of these exhibitions is to educate and engage students and individuals by showcasing and explaining concepts, discoveries, innovations, and experiments.

Why DON BOSCO ICSE SCHOOL is best Solution for Education

OChitradurga’s Don Bosco ICSE school is distinct. It is a family, a home away from home, and more than just a school. We adhere to the St. John Bosco preventive approach, which is founded on logic, faith, and most importantly, loving compassion.








What Parents Say


In both her social and intellectual lives, my daughter has advanced greatly. All the children treat her equally, she feels safe, and she is valued by both her instructors and classmates.
Suresh S N
It has been an amazing and humbling experience to teach at Don Bosco ICSE School. More than just a place of employment, the school is a home, a secure haven with possibilities for teachers and students to expand their horizons and ongoing support. Everyone who joins is made to feel welcome and treated with respect.
The Don Bosco ICSE School is an excellent institution. Because of their wonderful assistance and encouragement in all things academic, my daughter adores the staff and the teachers. Don Bosco ICSE fosters leadership via education, stresses the value of values, and incorporates compassion into its standards.
Rasmi Ganesh

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Every Person, Every Opportunity, Every Chance Aiming for excellence… Linking Learning to life… Excellence, Respect, Integrity… We teach, you learn, the world benefits! At DB ICSE, we are a family of learners, Inspiring Excellence, Building Character

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Chitradurga's Don Bosco ICSE school is distinct. It is a family, a home away from home, and more than just a school. We adhere to the St. John Bosco preventive approach, which is founded on logic, faith, and most importantly, loving compassion.


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