Welcome to Don Bosco ICSE School

Dreams are not what you see in your sleep, dreams are things which do not let you sleep”. With these inspirational words as their motto, this committed couple worked relentlessly for the welfare and integral development of the slum dwellers so as to make their dream a reality. A lot of initiatives were taken by  with the assistance of Self Help Groups, Women Empowerment, Human Rights, Girl Child Education, etc….Imparting quality education to these first-generation learners was crucial in achieving their goal. As the days went by, the number of children in this small school in the village kept increasing and eventually in 2006 the school was shifted to its present location in a spacious well-equipped building. The new school commenced with classes for Children in 1st to 5th Standards and further in 2016 permission was obtained from the competent authorities for conducting classes for children up to the 10th Standard.

Dr. Rosario and Mrs. Bella, after they realized their dream of setting up the school and running it for a few years. Since, with passage of time, Age combined with demands of the Government and Education System, compelled them to search for other partners in taking forward their dream. Eventually they concluded that the Congregation of the Salesians of 

Don Bosco would be the most suitable partners who could be entrusted with the responsibility of this school.

The school is strategically located in Horamavu, TC Playa Link Road where several less fortunate people are still in need of quality education. The school has a total area of 25,000 square feet with a well-constructed building consisting of 13 Class Rooms, a Mini Auditorium, a Hall, a Science Lab, and a Computer Lab apart from a Basketball court, a play area for little children, and adequate parking space.

Noticing the deplorable state of poor children in the slums of Horamavu in Bangalore who were working as bonded labourers and rolling incenses sticks, a well-educated couple dreamed together of providing quality education to the poor people in this locality. That dream of theirs is the DON BOSCO ICSE School which became a reality. 

Mr. Rosario with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from NIMHANS, who thereafter practiced in the same institution as a psychiatrist and later as the principal of Dr. Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing Bangalore, quit his lucrative job to serve the needy people of Horamavu in Bangalore. He was well accompanied by his wife Mrs. Elizabeth, fondly called ‘Bella’ who is a postgraduate from the Tata Institute of Social Science Bombay and worked as the coordinator for HOPCOMS in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

This couple’s dream started becoming a reality in 1995 when they initially put up a small shed in Muneshwara village to enable the slum children to attend classes. However, as time went by, due to space constraints and lack of adequate facilities, this small school was compelled to shift several times to different locations.